An Ontology Framework for Smart Homes

Intelligent management of a Smart Home (SH) requires several heterogeneous information and parameters to be taken into account, ranging such as user preferences, device features and status, environmental parameter, energy consumption and generation.

Semantic Web technologies have become a reference for information encoding and reasoning support in Smart Home to grant the flexibility and extensibility required by such a dynamic and complex scenario. As a result, a wide number of ontologies have been developed to model a SH information or single aspect of interest in this scenario.

At Semedia, we have conducted an extensive review of the existing ontologies. In addition, I have been studied how some of these ontologies can be connected and expanded to create a complete framework that covers all the relevant aspects of a Smart Home under a unifying holistic vision. The above graph is the result of our preliminary work.

The purpose is to use the proposed framework to aggregate all the heterogeneous information of a Smart Home in a Semantic Knowledge Base. Such information can then be effectively retrieved and used in algorithms to implement intelligent control logics and task scheduling to enable, for example, efficient energy administration.

Read more on our paper for MSCPES 2013