SemLib is a european project funded under the Research for SMEs grant. Within SemLib, Semedia is developing a novel Semantic Web annotation tool called Pundit.

  • Development of Data Model for annotations
  • Pundit client side development (Javascript, Dojo, HTML5, CSS3)
  • Dissemination activity: participation and presentation in several international conferences.


COST Action 2102: “Cross-Modal Analysis of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication”

COST 2012 is a European research action that aims to study the multimodality of human communication from different scientific disciplines ranging form AI and Computer Science.

  • Working Group Coordinator for Metadata Encoding Task (encoding metadata generated in processing video and audio dialogues and associated gestures and affective information)
  • Development of an OWL ontology for Human Emotions
  • Development of Semtube a prototype for Semantic YouTube Video Annotation supporting Semantic Tagging, Named Entities Extraction and semantic assertions generation. Recently powered by  Pundit and under further development.


SAIYL (Ambient Intelligent System for Luxury Yachts)

SAIYL(Ambient Intelligent System for Luxury Yachts) is a Marche Region founded project to introduce Ambient Intelligence in the Luxury Yacht Scenario.

  • Study of the application of Semantic Web technologies for supporting intelligent task management and efficient energy consumption in Smart Home environments.
  • Design of a two OWL ontologies for energy and devices.
  • Development of a prototype multitouch table application for Entertainment purposes, picture visualization, music and video playback, RSS feeds and Internet browsing (C#, WPF, .NET 4.0, SQL Server).


e-Door is a Marche Region founded project to study and develop a smart access control system.

  • Analysis of system and software requirements.
  • Software development for system control GUI (C#, VB.NET, WPF and SQL Server).
  • Organization and participation to regular meetings with other project partners for coordinating the development activity.